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pixelte replied to your post: So I’ve been playing…

I know that feeling and it really really sucks. They immediately assume that we suck just because we are women. Like seriously? Do we live in the 19th century? Its just embarrasing.

It is! I really enjoy that game. And I go into beast mode quite often because the rest of my team runs out and gets killed. So I do well for the team. But oh my goodness, a girl doing well. What a surprise? tsk tsk. 

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→Its been a good amount of time since I posted one of these. I am like a day off, but oh well.

I switched shampoos and oh my, Herbal Essences is amazing!

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So I’ve been playing…

A lot of The Last of Us multiplayer and I have mixed feelings.
I recently bought a headset and it is super useful. You can coordinate better with your team and what not. I’ve also met some really nice people.
But then, like 95% of the time I come across weirdos.
“Are you a girl?” Is the first question people ask. Why the fuck does that matter?
“You are doing pretty well.” And that is a fucking surprise? I’m dominating the team and the opposing team so suck it!
Then I get the weirdos who start hitting on me like they have never seen/heard a woman in their entire lives. Start talking about vaginas and having me over to their apartments.
I try to ignore those people, mute most of them. I play in parties with the nice people I’ve met who get really angry at the shit they hear people say towards me. Though I don’t need their protection, I appreciate the fire it puts in them to kick the opposing team’s ass.
So yeah, mixed feelings.

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→For an anon who requested a Sim about a month ago. I didn’t forget. I just scraped her like 486435416 times. Well, this is Jodie Stiles. She is still a WIP (I know a month should definitely be enough time), but she is nearing completion. 

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Sim Request for the lovely theloveofpixels

His name is Jack Shells, I made him awkward, you can’t go wrong with the awkward family man. Hope you like him.
 I’ll send the link over to ya.

Sim Requests are always okay with me ^^. Thank you

Awww! He is super cute <3 He is perfect for Chelsie :D

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The first thing they all did upon arrival to their rental home was study. I have raised them well.